Chicago progressives hope to capitalize on April runoff results

Across the city, activists are meeting and discussing ways to sustain the grass-roots energy generated in the recent election.

Progressives rallied enthusiastically to Jesus "Chuy" Garcia’s challenge to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, though many felt that the contest would have been stronger had Garcia taken more assertive positions on finances and other issues.

Laura Washington: Chuy now a progressive on the national stage

What’s next for Jesus “Chuy” Garcia?  After his 56 to 44 percent loss to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Garcia campaign went dark.  That’s understandable.  It was a brutal campaign.
On Wednesday Garcia will lead the “Fight for 15” rally for a $15/hour minimum wage at the University of Illinois, says spokesperson Monica Trevino. Meanwhile, “he’s reflecting and spending time with his family.” He’s “analyzing the campaign.”
Garcia, the professorial politician.

How Rahm Emanuel ended up in a fight for his political life

When Rahm Emanuel became mayor of Chicago in 2011, he seemed a natural heir to the House of Daley, the right fit for a city used to a certain style of administration. Prone to the same temperament, he was taken to differ from the old boss only in those ways a different time required. Emanuel was more national than local, sure, but no less loyal to his party.

Meet Rahm Emanuel’s Other Election Day Challenger

The 2012 teachers strike, helmed by the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), is rightly seen as a watershed moment in Chicago politics. But the genesis of United Working Families stretches back further, says Amisha Patel, executive director of Grassroots Illinois Action, the political arm of a union-community coalition and one of the major players in the city’s progressive politics.

How Chicago’s Grassroots Movements Defeated Rahm Emanuel at the Polls

Tuesday’s success is bigger than any one organization. What Chicago’s various social movements have built did not materialize over the course of one election cycle and cannot be understood as just a set of electoral strategies, clever tactics or shrewd messaging. For years, Chicago has been an epicenter of militant, grassroots organizing that has come to deeply resonate with working class families.

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